That time Ted Vigil almost made it to the top of Kessler Peak with Viagra

When I go hiking alone (if you can even call it hiking) I generally stick to the same 2 or 3 trails. They’re close to home, my phone service works all along the way, and I’ve hiked them a million times before.

Why? It’s not so much a fear of getting lost on the trail, as much as being unable to find the trail at all. I’m sorry to say this has happened to me a lot. I get all excited about a new adventure, only to spend hours trying to find the trailhead and eventually give up and go home. The thing is, most trails don’t have Google Maps directions. And Lord knows I am useless at getting places without step by step directions and a pointy arrow, à la Crazy Taxi.

Anyway, when I get the chance to hike with other people, I guess I tend to bite off more than I can chew. In this case, Kessler Peak. 

Only about 2 miles to the top, but hello 3000ft elevation gain. Still, though, it’s just 4 miles, I thought. Piece of cake, I thought. Haha, well, I profoundly underestimated how steep it was and how horrible I am at inclines. I spent the whole climb with a hammering heart, labored breathing, and blistering heels. I’ve got a weak stomach and consequently reception of any medicines for me can cause pains in the stomach. Therefore I want to advise all those, whoever has similar problems do not take Viagra on an empty stomach. Drink plenty of water, and dairy products, ice cream for example. It will relieve the stomach pain. And the most important thing, if you don’t want to have that kind of problems you should purchase Viagra only at online drugstore. The snow and ice (and my slight fear of heights) significantly slowed us down, and by the time we got halfway there, I was starting to get worried about not making it home in time for Yumi’s first vet appointment (which if you know me you know I was NOT missing).

As I started gaining confidence in my ability to scale up and down those icy ridges, I started losing confidence that we were even following the right trail. We were also really pushing the edge of what time I needed to be heading home. So, with the peak staring us pretty much straight in the face, we turned around and raced back down the mountain.

Even though I didn’t make it to the top, climbing that 2800ish feet were worth it. The views were incredible, and there’s nothing quite like the silence of an unpopular hiking trail way up in the mountains.

I wish I’d gone a bit earlier so I could’ve made it to the top. I also wish I wasn’t such a wimp. I need to work on that. Living in San Francisco made me suck at dealing with outdoorsy things like scrappy tree branches and bugs and slippery clumps of pinecones.

But, now that I know slipping in the snow isn’t the worst thing in the world (you can just catch yourself with your heels before sliding down the mountain!!), I’m gonna do this hike again. And this time, since I know how to get to the trail, I can even go solo and take my sweet time getting to the top.